Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

To my special friends who are mothers, mothers to be, mothered their friends even if they thought they didn't need it, mother their pets because they are their kids, and all of you who care about us (Alphagal, Aunt C, Aunt A, Mrs J, Poobou, MIL, Ms T.S. and those I have not named but know who you are).Happy Mother's Day.

This is our first "real" Mother's Day. I didn't really feel like i should celebrate last year since we hadn't yet met Miss C but this year is different. Miss C is already 11 months old and I have begun that journey of discovery that you all understand.

Since becoming a mother I have discovered that my love really does know no bounds. My heart aches to hold my little one after she is asleep for the night regardless of how hectic our day may have been. When I get a minute to catch my breath at work, I often wonder, what is Miss C doing right now.

When I have to miss bedtime or bathtime or even a meal, I worry that I am missing something so amazing that I get sad. I plan my off days around Miss C's nap schedule (rough as it is) and try to make every day, every meal, every moment count, even if it makes me seem a little anal.

Every night before i go to bed, I find myself tip toeing into Miss C's room just to check on her. I can hear her breathe through the monitor but I need to see her, my little angel, one last time before I can let myself fall asleep.

I call DH when I have to work through dinner, just to make sure Miss C is doing fine, inspite of the fact that DH is a wonderful father who dotes on his little girl.I find myself making up stories and learning signs to help my little girl talk to me. Its a wonderful feeling knowing that this little person who amazes me more every day gets a little help from us.

How was your Mother's Day?


poobou said...

This was very sweet. I do a lot of late-night check-ins too, even though I'm usually the one who puts C-baby to bed. Sometimes it's just nice to stare at them for a minute or two. :-)

Cat said...

Happy Mother's Day! I love the Flickr pictures you put up. So cute!

LizardBreath said...

Hope ya'll had some fun this past weekend! I am thrilled to announce that we made it through the mid string and now get to spend tonight at home. Thank goodness these strings are only 5 days long!