Thursday, May 8, 2008

Miss C is 11 months old!

Holy cow! Where has the time gone?

If you have been following, you know that Miss C is my dynamo! We don't have a check up so I really couldn't tell you how much she weighs (more than the last time) or how tall she is (definitely taller than the last time!).

I will include changes from this week when she started her new day care.

What I can tell you is:

1. Miss C is getting very vocal! She purrs to the cat and horses (she calls them kitty cats too) and barks to dogs (she picked this up visiting the neighbors little Jack Russell terriers). She signs nearly everything we can think of and teaches us new ones. When she is hungry, she puts her index finger to her mouth since the sign is kind of tough. When we take a walk, she uses her right index finger and puts it at the end of her nose to sign bird while saying bird (just in case we missed it!). I am utterly amazed at how quickly she is processing everything.

2. Miss C is so close to walking unassisted its not funny. She will often come over to you and get you to give her your finger so she can take you for a walk. We went to a picnic a week or so ago and she walked me all around until we got to the balloons so she could have one!

3. Miss C eats totally table food. I tried to kind of put this one on hold because I do worry about making sure she eats enough but she absolutely refuses baby food, even stage 3. However, if you put some chicken, green beans and rice on her plate, she will gobble it up.

4. Miss C sits at a little table in a little chair at day care to eat because, get this, her legs are too long for the high chair. Apparently she can stand up in the high chair because her feet meet the bottom rung so she has to sit in the chair. She seems to really like it so who am I to complain?

5. Miss C sleeps in a little teeny cot at day care. Again, another issue with her height (where are the other tall babies?!). I guess they can't get the crib low enough so she isn't able to reach over the side and risk falling out. So, she sleeps in this little cot. Its really close to the ground and while at first it bothered me, now it reminds me of when we had her sleeping on the changing pad when she was really little. No wonder she doesn't mind, it must remind her of that too.
6. Miss C is really sweet. I knew this all along but she did something the other day at the center that showed her teachers how sympathetic she can be. One of the little boys was crying so Miss C went over to him and started patting him on the back! She knows this because when she cries or isn't feeling well, we hold her and pat her on the back. When she hugs us, she puts both arms over one shoulder and does the same so its no great surprise that she applies this to kids her age.

That pretty much catches ya'll up to date. We've been spending lots of time outside since it finally seems like spring. While i started Miss C at the new center, she will be spending time with Mrs J while I am on the funny shifts (ya know, anything other than days) but I will try to keep getting her there from time to time until my next day string to make sure that she is still comfortable. Hopefully I will be done with this silly stuff right after her birthday!

Well, hope ya'll enjoyed this. If you have any suggestions/thoughts/etc, please share!

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