Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another day

Sorry its been a while since I posted. We've been dealing with shift work, a sick baby, DH on the road and loads more fun.

Before I begin, a quick question, how do you know if the baby is completely over her ear infection? I ask because I was told that one of the kids at day care is on his third antibiotic for his ear infection and that worries met.

Ok, on with the show! Actually, there's not a whole lot going on other than the normal craziness. I am taking my last class for my Master's (yea!) while DH is still on the road and everything else. Miss C is getting better but for the past couple of days has been kind of clingy. I am not sure what prompted this. Might be another growth spurt, could be because of the shift or because DH has been gone a while. I am a little worried that she is constipated because of the meds (she is having more trouble with her #2s) so there's that. And, oh yea, I just found out that the day care won't give her the meds. Some policy they have that i was just now briefed on. Apparently I was supposed to get a parent guide but that managed to slip through the cracks. With Miss C getting her meds 3x a day and the day care telling me to take a break from work and give her the meds (not possible!) i am a little frustrated. I am hoping to hear back from her doctor about whether or not I can just split the middle dose into the other two and do it that way.

Well, I guess that's pretty much my update. We had a nice break between strings and got to spend some time outside. I am thinking about taking Miss C to the Farmer's Market after school on Thursday (they are only open 4-7pm on Thursdays) so that should be fun. DH is scheduled to be home on Sunday, yea! I hope ya'll have had a chance to get out and have some fun too!

Don't forget my question. If you have any experience with ear infections, that would help out a lot! Thanks!


poobou said...

I wouldn't worry about the other kid on his third round of antibiotics. At that point, he's been sick so long that the infection is almost definitely bacterial and not viral, which means he shouldn't be contagious at all.

As far as whether she's over it, if she seems to be feeling better and isn't showing any signs of major discomfort (fussy, rubbing her ears, etc.), you can probably assume she's ok. But since it's her first ear infection and you're nervous about it, you could always make a follow-up doctor visit just to have them check her ears & make sure they're clear.

Btw, every time C-baby has had amoxicillin, she's taken it twice a day, not 3x. So hopefully your doc will straighten out the dosage stuff so that you don't have to worry about the daycare people. (And btw, that is a ridiculous policy that they won't give her medication! Does that apply just to antibiotics or all meds? What if she had diabetes or asthma or something?)

For the constipation, remember to add some sugar/fruit/juice, and keep some BabyLax on hand just in case of emergencies. Good luck.

LizardBreath said...

Ok. I am feeling a little better now. Apparently the rule about meds extends to all kids. If you need to have one take meds regularly, apparently you should go with in home care or break off from work (which, gosh, is the reason why we all have child care to begin with) and give it to them. Luckily, Miss C won't need this stuff for much longer.
I think we got some of the constipation taken care of yesterday with some pear juice. I always laught at the methods I have to use to get Miss C to do something. When it comes to food or drink, one of us has to taste it with her to get her to try it. I love juice out of a sippy cup, yum! :)

Cat said...

That meds policy is the pits.

The only way I know if e-baby is over her ear infection is to let the doctor look inside there.

Our antibiotics have been 1x or 2x a day, depending on the type. I've never given 3x a day. For us, antibiotics are always followed by a yeast infection unless I can convince her to eat some yogurt. Which is never while she's taking antibiotics. I guess every kid has their own special relationship with medication! What fun.

butler6 said...

I thought the policy only applied to stuff like Tylenol, but if it had a doctor's label on it, it could be given to kids by the childcare facility. That's how schools work now, but that's a bunch of crap in my opinion anyway. How the he** do they expect you to just get up and leave your watch like that? I'd let your CMC know so they could take it up with the base from a command level, but that's just me, and maybe find out if it's a base-instituted thing, because I haven't heard that done out here on this base. Good luck! Love you!

butler6 said...

BTW, she's so cute I just want to hug her and kiss those cute cheeks of hers! She looks just like you did when we were kids!

LizardBreath said...

I was reading the policy and supposedly its an OPNAV policy so i am stuck with it. With Tylenol, to get my sitter to be able to give it, I had to get a script, but that was easy and we got more of the good concentrated Tylenol from the pharmacy instead of having to pay. I am just a little frustrated because this policy really doesn't make sense to me either. I am going to do some more research and figure it out.
I think that she's just cute as a bug myself! Sometimes it takes looking at a picture like the one I posted here to realize just how tall and grown up she has gotten!