Monday, June 2, 2008

Someone is getting to be a big girl

Ok. So you all have followed the recent events with the ear infection so let me give you a quick update. Last night Miss C slept very poorly. Just like when we figured out she had an ear infections so of course I am stressed out. Aside from getting even less sleep than she, I am worrying that Miss C has another ear infection or her antibiotics didn't quite work as advertised. She also has a bit of a diaper rash (Alphagal warned this might happen after the antibiotics) so we decided to see the doctor regardless. We got an appointment for this morning and headed off to learn our fate.

Well, after a little umm and ahh talk while looking in her ears, the doctor announced that they look beautiful. So, huh, what is the problem? I reminded him that she had been running a low grade fever and got kind of snotty starting yesterday. We managed to get her mouth open and would you believe it?! She has not 1 but 3 new teeth coming in! Yep, the other front tooth and the two on either side of the two top front teeth. Oh boy! That surely explains her inability to sleep soundly. I got the go ahead for Tylenol (the doc actually thinks orajel is pretty bunk and recommends Tylenol and some cold stuff to chew on). We also got some more Nystasin (it is in her happy hiney cream but they don't carry the ready made stuff here so I get the ingredients separately and mix them myself. Yea.) for her bum. Thank goodness it wasn't worse.

Miss C fell asleep in the car on the way home. Poor, tuckered out little one. Hopefully I will be able to help her through this stage. I totally feel for Alphagal and SNG's pain with the molars. I can only hope that next time Miss C only gets one new tooth at a time but who knows, eh?

So, anyone have any sure fire advice on how else to help Miss C?


poobou said...

Oh, poor kiddo! And poor Mom, getting no sleep. When the teething is bad, I go ahead and give c-baby a dose of either Tylenol or Motrin before bedtime, regardless of whether or not she seems to be in pain at that particular moment. Just as a preventative to keep it from waking her up in the middle of the night.

For what it's worth, C-baby responds to both Tylenol and Motrin equally well, but I know a lot of parents swear up and down that Tylenol is nothing but cherry-flavored syrup and that Motrin is a gift from the heavens. So if one isn't working, you might try the other.

LizardBreath said...

I think the Tylenol is working, for the pain anyway. I gave her some this afternoon and she was able to nap. I am a little worried because she isn't eating a whole lot but I think that might be due to the teeth. Heck, I wouldn't eat much if I was getting three teeth in!

Cat said...

Tylenol has been great for e-baby, and she likes how it tastes which is a plus (the grape kind).

And I agree that anbesol is a waste of time. Cold wet washcloths, cool teething rings, those kinds of things will do best.

Use the opportunity to teach her the ASL sign for "pain." It'll be VERY useful someday.

Cat said...

Oh, and I love the chomping-on-barstools picture.

poobou said...

Btw, teething was just a topic on another blog that I read, and the blogger did an illustration of all of her attempts at soothing her child. (Her little girl is 6 months old, but she was a preemie, so she's getting teeth even though she's still itty-bitty.)

Pretty funny, and might give you some remedy ideas.

LizardBreath said...

Well, I tried a couple of things besides meds. We initially tried those homeopathic tabs (we can get them at Albertsons) but you are supposed to put virtually a teaspoon of them under her tongue. No go there. I talked to a guy at work and he used them and rubbed them on his kid's gums. Again, no joy. Luckily, Miss C understands that the Tylenol is to help her so she takes it willingly. She slept very well last night, almost back to normal. Thank goodness. We were both worn out from the day before. Ugh.
Thanks for the laughs, Poobou! That blog cracked me up. But, who am I to talk? My kid chews on bar stools!

poobou said...

Hey, just saw your Flickr pics. I know it's not technically until early tomorrow morning, but HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, MISS C!!! :-)