Friday, September 28, 2007

Moving day

Well, we already moved our stuff up north so today was supposed to be easier. It wasn't. Today was Miss C's last day at this day care and the day we left our house in SoCal for greener pastures (literally). Miss C and I are staying at a hotel in town until Sunday but DH and Sammy are driving from the airport to the new house as I type this. DH flies back here tomorrow then starts yet another long drive to get the rest of our stuff and my little SUV up north.
I let Miss C stay a little later at day care than normal because her teachers (so awesome, by the way) were so sad about today being her last day. When I got there, her main teacher had Miss C in her lap. I think she spent the entire day in that position. Miss C has gone through so many changes since we started day care two months ago. I know its not been a long time, but she really bonded with her teachers. There are a couple of photos in the flickr of Miss C and two of her teachers. We will miss them.
Sammy apparently is doing ok on the drive from the airport to the house. DH and I think she wore herself out. Miss C is already in bed, tired little bug. She knows something is going on and responds when I stress. I really have been trying not to stress but she picks up on my every vibe. Good thing she mellows me out, I suppose. She started to let me sleep through the night (like that turn of phrase? Alphagal used it to explain when the baby is sleeping continuously so the Mommy can get a whole night's sleep). I am afraid that the moving might cause a set back with the sleep but as long as Miss C is doing well, I can deal with whatever sleep I get, or don't get.
Ok, so we get up north on Sunday and our stuff gets delivered on Tuesday. I promise to take and post lots of pictures, including of Miss C in warmer clothing. We are scheduled to visit Poobou when we get there as she is willing to let us hang out for a little while so Miss C can stretch before a two hour (or so!) drive. I can't wait to see her Cate and introduce the girls. Last (and first, for that matter) time we saw them, Cate was a mere 6 weeks old. My, how time has flown!
Well, that's it for now. Wish us a smooth move!


poobou said...

Hope your stuff was delivered on time and everything went smoothly for Moving Day!

poobou said...
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Cat said...

I saw poobou's pics fro your visit- they're just adorable! I hope the move was easy-peasy!