Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Labor Day

Hope everyone is able to take a little time off this weekend. We're putting stuff aside so we have what we need once the movers leave with our stuff. If all goes well, DH will have our stuff in the house up north before Miss C and I fly up at the end of the month. Originally we discussed driving up there, the three of us, but DH made a very persuasive argument that its just too far to expect Miss C to happily ride in a car. It costs a little more, but its worth it for her comfort. So, DH will drive my car up at the end of the month and Miss C and I will fly.
Other than that, just wanted to share a couple of photos. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

If you think about it, flying as opposed to driving is really for YOUR comfort too, since a screaming baby in the backseat would not make for a fun road trip. How is Sammy making the move? Flying with you and Miss C or driving up with Greg?

Oh hey, something I thought of on the last post about sleeping. Since she's only waking up because she's hungry and then immediately goes back to sleep, what if you woke her up to feed her before you go to bed (to top off her tank, so to speak)? You may have already tried that or it might not work for other reasons, it was just something that occurred to me and I didn't know if you'd tried it. Either way, it sounds like she's sleeping incredibly well for a baby her age.

LizardBreath said...

Sammy is flying up as well but on a separate flight with Greg since we decided having both Sammy and Miss C in one car for the 90 minute trip from the airport to the house might be overwhelming for both of them. I know, its starting to add up, but its worth our sanity!
I'll see about topping off Miss C's tank. In either case, as you pointed out, she is sleeping incredibly well for her age!
Did I mention her teeth are really breaking through! Her teacher at school even felt them today. Its a little rough on Miss C but since she also found her hands, she can at least chew on them to help alleviate the pain. Bummer, the tooth medicine can't be given until the baby is 4 months old.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. You could ask your pediatrician if it's ok to give a half-dose of baby Tylenol, that might help if she seems to be in a lot of pain. My doc says that's fine, but I know some pediatricians are a little more stringent about that than others.

Cat said...

Baby Tylenol worked well for e-baby-- if I know she has a tooth coming in, I give her a dose at bedtime. I only ever have to do it for 2-3 nights and then she's OK. I've heard that baby anbesol doesn't help at all, so I never used it.

Topping baby off at my bedtime is a great trick- I forgot about that one. I did that until she was sleeping 10-11 hour stretches and now she goes to bed about 2 hours before we do.

Have a good trip, and be sure to send your new mailing address, phone #, etc as soon as you have them! I can't wait to see pictures of the new nursery!