Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We closed on the house!

Sorry its been so long since I last posted. We've been pretty busy lately.
Miss C and I flew up to meet DH at the new house and we closed last Friday! I am posting a couple of photos here and the rest are on our Flickr. I am also posting a photo of Miss C and myself on Miss C's first airplane ride. She did so wonderfully! I thought it might be more challenging but after all of the stimulation of the terminal, Miss C ate and fell asleep right away once we boarded each flight. She slept half of the first flight and two-thirds of the second. We've determined that her pacifier works really well for both take off and landing so she just eats when she wants (like normal) and we keep the pacifier in the rest of the time.

I failed to realize how much attention she would get each time we went out. We must have taken her all over the place and Miss C, with her big blue eyes and gorgeous smile earned praise from everyone we came across. I have noticed that more Grandmas come over to talk to her than anyone else. Too cute!
The house is terrific! As you can see in the photos, its is huge! We're figuring out what room is for what (Miss C's nursery, the guest bedroom, the work out room, etc) and are working with our builder to make some minor changes, or additions, as it were. For example, we are putting ceiling fans in almost all of the rooms. It helps that Miss C loves her ceiling fans! We won't be able to get our stuff until we get back up there at the end of the month, so we will have our work cut out for us when we finally move for good. To be frank, I would be thrilled if this is our last move ever. Keep your fingers crossed that we love the area!


Cat said...

The house looks great- can't wait to see inside pictures! I'm with you on ceiling fans- they should be in every room!

LizardBreath said...

Check out the "finished house" set in our flickr. There aren't photos of the kitchen or most of the downstairs only because the cleaners were working on the hardwood and making sure everything is ready to go. I can't wait for you to come visit!