Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time off

Well, we kind of had the weekend off. Kind of because I had duty so we still had to get up earlier than a normal weekend but Miss C really seemed to enjoy visiting my work. It was the second time she had been there (the first was last Christmas so she was much younger and really wouldn't remember) and she took over the place. I joked around that she was in charge but you all know I wasn't kidding!

We enjoyed a nice breakfast out on Saturday and that afternoon went out and found some papier-mâché pumpkins to decorate. I wanted to do something for Halloween and the day care doesn't let the kids wear costumes. I considered getting a real pumpkin to color but was lucky enough to find the papier-mâché ones because they are now Miss C's newest favorite toys. We both colored them on Saturday and she continues to add markings whenever the mood strikes. Another plus of our little excursion is we found a second hat (besides the ball cap we got a week or so ago) that Miss C digs because she can put it on herself. I am relieved because the weather here doesn't get warm for a while.

Today went to work again for turnover and then came home. Miss C is becoming much more vocal about her preferences so I ask her as often as I can for her decisions. Today was all about what to eat, when to play, what to color. I didn't realize how much she liked eggs until she yet again told me that she wanted "eggs" when i offered her a choice between cereal and eggs. Its funny, i thought she preferred cereal but maybe she is just changing?

Ok, enough for now. I am posting a couple of cute pictures and a new video. Let me know what you all think, ok? I think its hilarious!


Cat said...

I gotta say, when she can start making those binary choices like that (eggs vs cereal, etc) your job gets a lot easier. And your instincts are probably right about what she generally likes, but, she might prefer eggs today, cereal tomorrow, and ignore both the day after that in favor of cheese. Then it's back to eggs again. If I could save all the wasted dishes that got rejected because it wasn't e-baby's favorite food that day (but it was the day before, and it will be again the next week), I could feed a small country for a week. Still, giving choices helps a lot.

I like that hat! I haven't watched the video yet because e-baby is falling asleep and hearing another kid will perk her ears right up. Can't wait to see it, though!

poobou said...

Aww, she's a little stenographer. I like the kiss at the end, that's very sweet.

That's awesome that you've found hats that she likes. C-baby HATES having anything on her head at all, and I fear what we're going to do when it gets really cold here. I have a feeling that lots of tears will be involved on both our parts.