Sunday, October 19, 2008


So, a funny thing happened last week. When I was walking Miss C into her class she pointed to one of her classmates and said her name "Nomi" (its Naomie but you know). Ok, so that's pretty cool but what happened after is even better.
We had to put up our stuff in one room then move to another because we were there with the early group. They congregate in one room until there are enough kids to require more than 2 teachers. Anyway, so we walk into the other room and Miss C walks over to this other little girl and they touch hands. Are you still with me?
When I went back to pick her up, one of Miss C's teachers told me that Miss C and "Nomi "are buddies. They apparently greet each other with hand touches and hugs and play together! Isn't that just the coolest. "Nomi" is a couple of months older than Miss C but they have been classmates since we got into the day care.
Needless to say, i am a little surprised. I didn't think kids really played together at this age. I think its cool though to know that Miss C looks for her little friend every day and when she sees her, she is set!
What do you all think?


butler6 said...

She's obviously confident enough to make friends. That's important. Your daughter won't be too shy to make friends in school, which is so important with military children like ours, and this will lead into her being successful when she gets to be old enough to start looking for a job or participating in school activities. Plus, this will give you some freedom as she gets older. You won't be her constant playmate, as much as you may want her to be, but this is very normal and you definitely want to encourage it. Besides, she'll have a friend to vent to when you make her mad. :-)

Cat said...

She's totally at the age where she'll show friend preferences. That's a really sweet story. She will probably start hugging her friends soon, too.

LizardBreath said...

This morning Miss C got to sleep in a little (amazing what an extra 30 minutes will do!) and was so happy once we got to school and her little friend was there. She gave me the fastest kiss and hug in the west and basically ran over to play with her buddy. I think its so cool that she is friends with this little girl!