Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lots of adventures

Well, the weekend is almost over but we had a lot of fun.

Whenever we take Miss C out, we tell her we are going on an adventure because, as you all know, any outing with a little one is definitely an adventure!

On Thursday, DH picked Miss C up from school and they went on a grocery store adventure. Miss C split her time between eating an apple and talking into DH's phone. I guess she managed to snake the phone from him at some point then proceeded to impress everyone in the store by saying "hello, yes, yes" repeatedly into the phone. She's not quite at the stage where she is willing to talk to a person besides DH on the phone but she sure likes the concept.

On Friday, we all went over to our friends' B & S's house for dinner. We had some terrific pizza (thanks for making it, guys!) and Miss C was the darling of the dinner (go figure!). She discovered that there is a perfect pillow fort ready made under a built in desk and also found some finger puppets on a shelf just low enough for her to investigate each one. Before we left, B and S gave Miss C her very own bunny rabbit finger puppet. She carries it around the house and says "hop! hop!" while stomping her feet (she is really trying to hop though!).

On Saturday, we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. Miss C enjoyed trying her lunch, my lunch and DH 's lunch as well as coloring and people watching. After we were done eating, I took Miss C on a walk through the restaurant to the bathroom to wash hands and she hammed it up the whole way, grinning at every smiling "granny" in the place and getting loads of applause for her walking and smiling.

Today we are relaxing at home (I had to work this morning but stuff happens, right?) watching some football and going outside (briefly, its chilly!) to play with rocks and flowers. DH is attempting to put Miss C down for a nap (we'll see how that goes) then it will start over again.

Have I mentioned how much I love this motherhood gig?! Hope ya'll are having fun too!

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