Thursday, October 9, 2008

Miss C is 16 Months old!

As I seem to do every month, wow! OK, so what has changed?

1. Vocabulary. Miss C's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds! She is working on different consonant sounds and says stuff like "silly", "banana" and "apple". She tries to say so much more. She is still signing but is happy using either. Its funny, if we can't quite understand her (not uncommon at this age, I am told), she signs it, says it then shows us! Like, hey, if you can't get it this way, how about this? She also tries to say "c"s and "k"s. When you ask her "what does a rooster say?" she replies with "cinkle, cinkle" (its always the same). What's really interesting is that she associates the same sound with my computer (she hears me type and must make some correlation because she says the same words!). Today she started to say "happy", "funny" and anything else she can figure out! It's so neat to literally watch her brain grow!

2. Hopping. DH has been working with Miss C on jumping and hopping. We all know our little angel loves to dance, heck she makes her toys dance, but now Miss C is trying to jump. While she only gets airborne on occasion (and usually on accident), when she says "hop", "jump" or "bounce" (talking about Tigger, of course) she slams a foot into the ground so she makes the same sound we do when we jump!

3. Interest in rocks. OK, so maybe we have a geologist in the making. We are apparently very lucky to have a gravel drive because Miss C loves to go outside and play with rocks. She can sit there and sort them for hours, if given the opportunity. When we go outside now we no longer spend much time rocking in our chairs, no, most of our time is spent walking up and down the driveway finding neat looking rocks.

4. Hiding stuff behind her back. OK, that one sounds a little off, so let me explain. A few weeks ago, in the car, I noticed Miss C would put stuff like a book or a pacifier under her right thigh when she drank water or ate a snack. At first I thought, whoa boy, we are in a new stage and asked myself if we were going to see her hiding stuff. Well, that turned out not to be the case. I gave it more thought and realized she hasn't quite grasped the concept of a pocket so she thinks we are just hiding stuff behind out backs when we get it! I tested this out by giving her some paper to hold. Yep, she put it under her leg when sitting and tried basically to stuff it in the back of her pants when standing. Pockets!

That's the short of it. This is a definitely interesting time. Miss C is still struggling to take naps as long as they would like at school (they have a 2 hour time blocked out) but she's such a mellow kid that she sits on her cot and reads a book to herself when she does wake up. I hope she can work through that soon!


Anonymous said...

I love that first picture with the huge grin. And C-baby was obsessed with our gravel driveway back in WA too. We'd give her a tupperware to tote around the ones she deemed worthy of her interest.

That's awesome that she's so mellow about naptime - wish we had the same issue over here! I could totally deal with my child hanging out quietly in her crib for a little while.

LizardBreath said...

Thanks! That's one of my new favorite pictures too. Can you believe how many teeth she has now?! Luckily, she takes it like a champ.
I keep my fingers crossed that she will start to sleep a little more at school because she is usually pretty tuckered out once she gets home but wants to spend time with us so she won't take another nap. She has to get up so early during the week (around 6am!) that I don't really have a choice but to let her go to bed early.
Hope your naptime issues get resolved soon too!