Monday, June 9, 2008

Miss C is 1 year old!

Wow. Has it been a year already? Has my little one gone from such a tiny thing to such a big girl? ***Edited to add stats: Miss C is now 23 lbs 10 oz (75-90%) and 32" (yes, really!) (>97%)! ***

I can't beleive the changes we have witnessed over the course of the last month much less the last year. Its amazing that this little girl is already talking, trying to walk, trying to read, teaching us so many things. I knew it would be a mindblowing change but this is remarkable. What kicks my butt is that this is only the beginning. I mean, there is so much more to come.

Ok, so we have our check up scheduled for the 10th so I will edit this entry afterwards to give everyone her "stats" but until then, the proud mama must start filling you in:

1. Miss C's vocabulary is growing exponentially. She recently started saying and signing "down" when she wants to get down from your lap, her chair etc. She also says "done" when she is done, even in the bath. We have a rule "bum in tub" so she knows she only gets two chances if she stands up. When she is ready to get out of the bath, usually because she is tired and ready for bed, she stands up and says "done." She has also recently added "Thank you" (it sounds like "tan koo" but you know what it means) and uses it appropriately. DH gave her something she asked for and she looked him square in the eye and said "thank you." Its like every time we think we have a handle on what she says or signs, she shows us something different. She said "bottle", "fishey" and "good" just yesterday, all in very valid situations. Mind blowing!

2. Miss C is getting 3 new teeth in at once! Yep, its an OMG situation. She is handling it quite well though. We took some advice (thank you to the Dr and to both Alphagal and Poobou) and are giving Miss C some Tylenol before bed to help her sleep. She is chewing on everything within her reach but whatever it takes to get her through this. Its also possible she has another tooth coming in on the top but since she has been going through so much pain recently, she is hesitant to open her mouth for us to check, poor baby!
3. Miss C is showing a keen interest in walking. When she started this a month or so ago and took a solo step on Mother's Day I thought that we were there but Miss C is taking her time. She does demand to walk everywhere now though. she will reach for your hands like she used to reach for you to pick her up. Now, instead of wanting to be picked up, she wants to hold your hands and walk. If she wants you to pick her up, she will let you pull her into a standing position and grab onto your legs. She lets go on occasion and just stands there but I think the recent ear infection took away some of her confidence about her balance. She did take two steps towards me yesterday while trying to take my glasses and that is one more than she took on her own before. Its only a matter of time before she decides to let go of the couches and our hands and is off and running.

4. Miss C loves the slide! We discovered this at a little park on our way to the grocery store one day. I decided we needed a little park time and put Miss C on the slide. I thought, heck, cool view. Well, she let go of my hand and pulled. It was a fast slide too! I ran to the bottom just as she started to launch off it! She now kind of grabs your hand to have you go down the big slide with her but she still has a great time!

5. Miss C got a new chair and has figured out how to climb into it! I was sitting on the floor playing with her and she decided to climb up into the chair. Its so cute! Now I just have to worry about her falling out of it or climbing further up!

Well, that's about it for today. Miss C is just growing up so fast, its not funny! I hope you all get a chance to check out the photos on our flickr page, I added some to the twelfth month from her party. It was a blast!


Cat said...

I love all the stories in the update. Love it!! I didn't get to look at the pictures yet but I can't wait to see them!

LizardBreath said...

She is amazing. I think there is a "baby fairy" who tells little ones when they get to be a year old because Miss C has changed so much in the past day its not funny! She is now a master at getting into her new chair, getting out is still a problem as is staying in when she isn't careful but wow!

poobou said...

Oh yay, happy birthday to Miss C!! And I can't believe that she's taller at 12 months than C-baby was at her 15-month appointment. Crazy!!

LizardBreath said...

Yep. We were talking about that earlier. Wondering if she is going to be a 6 foot tall woman?!

Cat said...

I bet she will! She's already 1/3 of the way there! GOOD GRIEF she's MORE THAN half as tall as I am!! What size clothes is she wearing?

I've heard that you can predict her adult height by multiplying her height at 24 months old x 2. So this time next year, we can get a good guess! (and BTW, she is, at one year old, taller than I was at 2 years old, according to my mom's records)

LizardBreath said...

She is in 12 month clothing, occasionally going to 18 month in the pants. She is a pretty muscular little girl so she is pretty compact.
I have been telling folks about that 2 year old height x 2 thing for a while and I think that she might just grow those next 4 inches in the next year. Wow! Crazy, eh?

Cat said...

Lucky girl. I wanna be 6 feet tall!