Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy father's day!

A quick Happy Father's Day to DH, SNG, LeBon, DH's DOD, Alphagal's DOD, my little brother W (a Dad to be) and all the other fathers and fatherly types out there.

Our weekend consists of DH coming home from another trip and me on eve watches. I get to spend half the day with DH and Miss C then I go off to work and DH gets the rest of the afternoon, dinner, bath and bedtime. It is an interesting time but we all deal with it.

Well, that's about it. Check out the video in the last post, if you haven't already. It was my father's day gift to DH while he was gone!


butler6 said...

Oh man! Have you captured "the look" there. That's the look you used to give me when you were P.O.'d at me. :-) It's like, hey, you're interrupting my time with dad or what??? another picture? Either way, it's very cute. Megan is out here on a Tiger Cruise with me this week. It's her second one so the key is to keep her busy and not bored. We get u/w today at 1000. Miss you! One day I will get to meet your daughter in person, but I can't wait to watch the video when we get back to Norfolk. Love you guys!

LizardBreath said...

Glad you like the picture! Its one of my favorites.
Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok? The list should come out soon!

butler6 said...

I will. You are IZ and breathing so as I found out, it's looking pretty darn good!