Saturday, April 19, 2008

Becoming sneaky?

I am relaying a story DH told me earlier since I am standing mid-watches and miss my little girl's mornings.

Apparently Miss C is getting sneaky. When she started crawling we fully expected her to venture out and explore more. That was all fine and good and when she got into something, mainly power outlets or other dangerous areas, DH started to make a "zzzt" noise and tell her "no, danger." That worked reasonably well although Miss C would put her little hand right back around the area she got zzzt'd, in her attempts to determine what caused that sound.

This morning, Miss C displayed another facet we hadn't seen, trickery. She was zzzt'd and moved when she was messing with DH's cigar box. Not a big deal, just something not to mess with. Well, according to DH, Miss C took her toy kitten and started tossing it over towards the box. She would toss it, crawl over and hug it, make her purring sound then toss it again, each time getting progressively closer to the coveted box. Eventually, DH caught on and they moved to another room to play in hopes that she would soon forget the box.

I thought it was a cute story. I think I remember Alphagal mentioning E-baby doing something similar with her pacifier but it was at a much later age. I wonder if Miss C is trying to trick us or what.
I mean, look at this little girl, do you think she would try to trick you?


Cat said...

"Don't mind me, I'm just playing with this stuffed animal. Oh, lookk, it's closer to the cigar box. Whaddaya know..." Oh yeah, she's on to you guys! Miss C's gonna get what she wants one way or another.

I know it's a dumb question but you do have electrical outlet covers in place, right? Because you know, she's going to figure out that paper clip trick pretty soon.

poobou said...

I think this shows that she has at least somewhat more respect for authority than c-baby. When I tell her no, she just kind of glares at me like "girl, please," and then goes right back to doing whatever it was she wasn't supposed to do. If I take the object away or move her, she gets mad & screams. It's kind of funny, but of course you can't let them see you laugh or they'll never take it seriously.

I think y'all are probably right that it's a good idea to keep her away from the cigar box. Can you imagine? "Um, hi, Poison Control? Yeah, my kid just ate half a cigar..." That's not a conversation anyone wants to have.

LizardBreath said...

First, yes, silly, all of the electrical outlets are covered. That was done waayyyyy before Miss C even thought about crawling.
I am impressed by her willingness to listen to us. She seems interested in learning what caused the response rather than freaking out about it.
If all else fails, we can move her and distract her with something else and she's just fine.
Did I tell ya'll about her patmat day? Ok, so a patmat is a mat filled with air on the border and water inside with little floating toys. Ours happens to reside almost behind the couch because of space related issues. It also happens to be very close to a wine cooler (you know, one of those little fridges but they have a fancy name) and Miss C's monitor. So, one evening after dinner Miss C is going through her downstairs books, they sit on the bottom self of a side table so she can pick through them. Welll, she got kind of quiet. Instead of asking her what she was doing, I decided to peek back there. Sure enough she was sitting on her pat mat (comfy seat, I suppose) with the antenna from her monitor (the plastic first safety one) in her mouth! I said, "just what are you doing?" I swear she dropped the monitor and put her hands up as if to say "nothing, mama."

LizardBreath said...

Oh, in case I failed to mention it, the cigar box is empty, its just the point of the matter that we are discussing.