Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Miss C is 10 months old today! (on the 9th, I just know I won't have time to blog tomorrow! :) )

Holy cow. I know each month I say that but each month seems to sneak up on me and smack me with a brick. I can't believe Miss C is ten months old today. Wow! Let's see:
1. Communicating. Miss C is getting more adept at communicating with us. She uses a combination of verbal words, signs and verbal grunts and hollers. For example, when she is hungry but not for milk, she gives a guttural cry and grabs at your pants. When she wants some milk, she gets your attention and signs milk with one or both hands. When she wants water, she waves her hand towards her cheek, her version of the water sign. When she sees the cat, she screams "kitty!" flails to get to her and tries to purr (think how you might sound purring and make it in baby noise) then smacks the floor next to her to get the cat to come to her. Its all very amusing and enlightening.
2. Standing, climbing. whatever. Miss C tries to give us heart failure at every possible opportunity. I already told you all about the stairs (ugh!) but she still works our heart rates at other times. Miss C is pulling herself up on everything and trying to surf around it. For example, there is an end table to the right of where I tend to sit in the living room. I have already given up any rights to said table because Miss C is tall enough to reach everything on it and believes it is hers so... Yep. I caved. Anyway, she will stand up, grab something, book, bowl, whatever, then either switch hands and hand walk herself over to me or drop it on the ground then sit down next to it and play. It really is interesting to watch and see how she decides which to drop and which to carry.
3. Gravity. Apparently this is the stage where kids try gravity out for size. Miss C does this with lots of stuff. For example, she will stand up, grab a pacifier and then drop it and see how far it moves. She will then get down, grab it and do it all over again. I have seen her work on this technique when she is done eating but we have not noticed her "all done" and "wash hands" signs or she is simply bored.
4. Favorite foods. I think it might be too early to have a favorite food, but it seems like Miss C likes sweet potatoes and pasta. Both in any form imaginable. I made sweet potato fries, oh yea, those were a hit! I make her pasta, this week its spaghetti noodles, for meals and have to hide them until she eats her "baby food" otherwise she will refuse to eat until she gets her pasta! Unfortunately, she seems to get tummy aches from tomato sauce so we switched from marinara to Alfredo. Yep, baby gets spaghetti Alfredo!
5. Dancing. When Miss C started to stand, I show her the "booty dance." You all know the one I am talking about. Its the one where you work on your balance so you hold your arms out and shake your booty while you listen to music. She loves this dance. She is so cute because she loves music and dances to almost anything. We got a new CD the other day and were listening to it during snack time. Miss C decided she had to dance and booty danced in her high chair! It really was priceless!
I guess that's pretty much the basics for this month.

On a bummer note, Mrs J let us know today that she won't be running the day care after September, family issues and all. I am afraid her own two little girls feel like she is spending too much time with other kids. I can't say I blame them. We all wanted our mother's time to ourselves when we were kids, right? I admit the announcement took me by surprise but I do understand. I am going to start interviewing new providers towards the end of June. Bummer.
So, what's everyone else been up to lately?


Cat said...

I can TOTALLY picture the booty dance! Too cute. Good job, Miss C, with all the signing and communicating!

I'm sorry to hear you'll be searching for a new care provider. Around 15 months is when ALL KINDS of cool things happen cognitively, so it's an interesting transition time. It'll be fine, though, since I know you're going to be picky about the new provider.

LizardBreath said...

Its a total bummer that we have to find someone new but you know, family does have to come first. I am going to start looking in June and might go elsewhere in July because Mrs J has some leave she is going on in July (about 2 weeks) and it will actually help us if we don't have to take that leave then.
Miss C has started saying "done" when she signs it! She is so cool! I hope we all get a chance to visit again soon!

poobou said...

C-baby loves alfredo too. I usually serve it with cheese-stuffed tortellini (and cut them into tiny baby bite-size pieces), so I know she's getting at least a tiny bit more protein than if it was just pasta alone. And it's also yummy enough for me to finish off when she decides she doesn't want anymore. :-)

Sorry about Mrs. J, I know it's going to be rough to go through the interviewing process again. That's one huge worry I have about when we move - I adore Patsy so much, it's going to stink to try to find a new daycare provider that C-baby and I both love.

LizardBreath said...

Miss C seems to prefer to man-handle her own food but the idea of tortellini intriques me. At this stage, the pasta and sauce is extra after the cereal and veggies so the amount she eats is less relevant. I make enough pasta for the week then put it in a storage containter for the fridge so Miss C can continue to enjoy her yummy alfredo whenever she wants.
I am not thrilled about interviewing again. I know that there has to be at least one more provider out there that I will trust with Miss C so I am keeping my fingers crossed. It just kind of sucks is all. I mean, Miss C came home with a little bracelet she made there yesterday (so cute, I will photo and post later). Who else will do such fun stuff??