Sunday, April 13, 2008

Enjoying dinner and learning

We have learned some neat things recently.
1. From a mother to be, my sister in law, L, we learned that if you put a little sugar in tomato sauce, it takes out the acidity. This is terrific because Miss C loves spaghetti, as you can see below!

2. We learned that the best clean up for spaghetti is a bath, the results are below.

3. We learned that combining squash and spaghetti makes Miss C a happy girl. She ate spaghetti squash alfredo for lunch and boy was she happy!

4. We learned that if we have a walking stick, Miss C must have her own walking stick for hikes, even if she is in a back pack carrier.

That's about it for us today.

What have you learned lately?


Cat said...

I've learned that the more fun a new activity is, the bigger the meltdown will be once fatigue sets in.

I've learned that sleeping in a backpack is the easiest way to trim a toddler's fingernails and toenails.

I've learned that a sing-along of row-row-row your boat complete with toy boats can be enough of a distraction to wash the hair of a kid who hates getting her head wet.

I've learned that ham tastes better when eaten out of the scoop that daddy uses to make coffee. So do bananas, toast, peas...

E has always liked pasta with any kind of sauce. One of her teachers once told me that she is the Pasta Queen. I can always tell when they've had it for lunch because her pants are smeared in red. Too bad bibs don't go all the way down!

LizardBreath said...

It sounds like you are learning a lot too. Luckily for us, Miss C doesn't melt down much, yet. I know its coming though.
Miss C has definitely taken on E-baby's prediliction for pasta. I think she is at her happiest if we just give her a tray with pasta and sauce, oh yea, and some green beans and peas. Girl loves her peas!

poobou said...

I've learned that cats, horses, and everything non-human is a doggie (or "dahggy").

I've learned that gravel consists of all sorts of cool sizes and textures and can keep a kid entertained for ages. You just have to watch them like a hawk to make sure they don't put any rocks in their mouth.

I've learned that everything is more fun outside.

I've learned that I really like some of the music on "Johnny & the Sprites," and I sort of wish I could download them on iTunes so I could sing along with them without firing up the TV & DVR.

And I've just learned that tomato sauce trick, which I am totally going to try.

LizardBreath said...

I love learning from ya'll!