Thursday, January 24, 2008

School, teeth, what a busy week!

Well, school started for me on Wednesday. I am only taking one class this semester because I don't want to do too much or not have enough time to properly devote the time to Miss C. We're only in the first week but we already have a very full syllabus which culminates in a PR campaign concept package which was developed based on research we have to conduct earlier in the semester. Yep, loving life!
Actually, I think I will be ok. I always (ask DH) get this way about school. The main difference this semester is that I don't even look at anything until Miss C is in bed. I have to devote my time to her when she is awake especially when I only get a few of those hours on week days. We've taken to going on "Adventures" on the weekends. Mainly that consists of going to the grocery store or visiting a friend, but it gets Miss C out with one or both of us and she gets to have some fun away from home. She seems to be enjoying it!
Speaking of Miss C, her bottom teeth are finally coming in full. For the past few months we have been going through the agony of having her teeth come up through the gums only to go back down or actually have the gums swell up around them and Miss C have to go through that yet again. On Tuesday she got home from Mrs J's and it just seemed like something was bugging her. While playing with her, she took my finger and stuck it in her mouth and voila! Teeth! I am attaching my attempt to get a photo of the teeth but she is kind of camera shy today. If you check out flickr, you can see some other ones we took recently where she is actually starting to ham the camera!
Ok, other than school and teeth, work is picking up for both myself and DH. Unfortunately, DH has to go on a trip for a couple of weeks soon. He's pretty sure that Miss C will figure out how to go from reverse to drive in her crawling right when he leaves. I am afraid he might be right. She sure seems ready.
That's pretty much it for now. Sorry I haven't been updating as frequently but you know how it goes!
Post a comment every now and then to let me know you all are still reading this, ok?


Cat said...

I bet she'll be crawling forward any minute now. Luckily, she'll still have lots of crawling ahead of her when her daddy comes home again!

poobou said...

Will Greg have internet access while he's gone? If she starts crawling, you just make sure to get it on film, upload it, and voila. Hopefully that'll be enough to hold him over until he gets back. :-)

I don't think I knew that you were in school. What are you taking classes in?

LizardBreath said...

Greg should be able to watch any videos I can post and get any photos I email or put on flickr. He is just convinced that she is ready to go and will start zooming the minute his back is turned. I have to make sure to charge both of my video camera batteries, eh?
I am taking one of my last 2 classes for my Masters in Management (PR Focus). I have to research and develop a campaign for a company (government, private, commercial, non-profit) as my final project.
I took off last summer and fall after having Miss C to give us all time to adjust.
I will take my final management course this summer but if I am able to get there, I am eligible to take part in this May's commencement exercise. I am trying to get there but I think that is when we have our big Assessment and the command is freaking about letting anyone go on leave then. Ah well!

butler6 said...
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butler6 said...

She will do what she wants no matter if either of you are there or not. I know it's hard. Megan said her first word (Da Da) and took her first step while we were both at work and believe me, while it was hard to accept that the babysitter got those firsts, I was just thrilled they happened. As of last week, I missed Megan getting her driver's permit, but at least she let me know about it and is one step closer to her independence.

LizardBreath said...

I know that we will have to miss some of her firsts, that comes with working. Its just that Greg is gone for 2 weeks this time (a short trip as it is) and she is so on the verge of crawling!
Speaking of words, besides dada and signing milk on occasion, I swear I hear her saying "kitty cat" when Sammy walks in the room! She even says it when she sees a cat on tv! Too funny that is her first compound!
OBTW, congrats to Megan on the learner's permit!

butler6 said...

Kitty cat is just too cute!!!! I love it!