Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blanket? (No, not MJ's kid!)

Ok, here's a question, did anyone else's little one put blankets on their head?
Miss C has taken to pulling her blanket up over her head when she sleeps. Well, not just that, she is mobile in her crib. I swear she does laps at night to see if we will come see her. She also pulls her legs straight up and thumps her mattress. It sounds like she is wresting in there!
Back to the blanket. It's not just here either, when she is at Mrs J's house, she does it too. I've been freaking out because I go check on Miss C before I got to bed and there lies Miss C with her entire blanket on her head. DH swears she kicks it up there throughout the night. She has woken up a couple of nights recently because she is stuck in a corner with a darn blanket on her head.
Now, let me lay your concerns to rest by letting you know that she can breathe through her blankets. I have personally tested each of them, as has Miss C by now, and there is no issue there. I think its just a habit issue.
Per Mrs. J's suggestion, we've given her a "blankie" (I wrote it like that because it is actually a flour sack cloth we used to wrap her in when we lived down south with the center bunched and tied (multiple knots) with a cloth ribbon) and she cuddles with it and puts it over her head instead of her blanket. Not sure if it will keep her from pulling that darn blanket over her head throughout the night though!
Anyone have any recommendations?


Cat said...

I wouldn't worry about it. She's too young to understand that a blanket goes on everything except your head, and she can breathe through it. If she moves around a lot, then she's bound to end up under it sometimes, and she's proven that it she gets stuck, she'll holler for you. Heck, I know some grown-ups who sleep like that! The matress thumping seems to be something they all do because it's fun and makes a lot of noise. Hard for you or me to do that, but easy for someone whose legs are 15" long. :-)

Still, if it's freaky to see your kid enshrouded, switching to a small baby blankie might help. Or, switch to a blanket that has satin on one side-- it'll slide off of her when she wiggles. We give e-baby a blanket to sleep with, but we also dress her in fleece footies so that when (not IF) she kicks the blanket off, she'll still be warm. She runs laps and turns somersaults all night long in her crib! Sometimes she sings, too.

Anonymous said...

I understand why seeing your baby with a blanket over her head would freak you out, even though you know she's safe. C-baby sometimes pulls up the corner of her blanket to chew on it, but she doesn't pull it over her head (at least not that I've ever seen).

I've tried the fleece footie pajamas like Cat mentioned, but then c-baby wakes us up crying several times in the middle of the night because she gets too hot. It took forever to figure out why she was so upset - finally, I went to change her diaper and her skin was all red and flushed. Oh. Oops. (I think she takes after Dave, the poor kiddo gets overheated easily.)

One question: do you keep your house cold at night? Could be her nose is cold. I know that drives me crazy when that happens, and I always end up holding the comforter up against my nose to warm it up.

The satin-edged blanket is a good idea, although I don't know if I'd bother. She's just going to get more active in her crib with each passing month, and soon she'll figure out how to pull the blanket back off her head as easily as she pulls it on. You know she's not going to suffocate, so you might just wait it out for now.

LizardBreath said...

Miss C sleeps in fleece footie pjs but we do keep the house at about 62 degrees. She runs hot like DH so part of the time she is warm and later she gets chilly. She didn't move last night other than to bring the new "blankie" to her face. I think that the "blankie" may do the trick. Part of me believes she likes having something to cuddle with! I know she will be fine in any case but I can't help but have my "mamadar" (mama radar) going on full blast especially when she is in bed at night!
Thanks for the feedback!