Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Miss C is 7 months old!

Wow. Where has the time gone? One minute we're moving up to the Pacific Northwest with a little 4 month old and the next, we have a very active, very vocal 7 month old. Ok, maybe not a minute, but you know what I mean. Let's do a quick recap of Miss C's latest talents:
1. Miss C has become much more vocal. In addition to the "ba, ga, da" sounds, she practically holds complete conversations with her stuffed animals, us, her pacifier, anything within range basically.
2. Miss C signs milk! No kidding! I have been signing to her for about 4 months now and every now and then when I ask her if she is hungry, she signs milk and then (to emphasize maybe?) pats my chest!
3. Miss C waves! She learned this one from her Grandpa at Christmas. Well, she perfected it then. She even waved to the check out lady at Target last weekend. She does save it for someone deserving though. :)
4. Miss C scoots around backwards, sometimes its a crawl, sometimes its a slither, in any case, its progress.
5. A follow on of her scooting is, Miss C has figured out how to get from her tummy to seated. Its kind of difficult to explain but basically, she gets onto all fours then rocks back until she is practically in the splits and then sits. Ok, not too hard to explain, just to do. She is trying to smooth out her transition from seated to tummy (its not automatic yet and it's really starting to frustrate her) as well as work on the forward crawling. DH tries to show her but I think she just gets tired of being shown and wants to do it on her own. Wonder where she gets that? ;-)
6. Miss C has a couple of new games she likes to play. First is "Peek a boo." You all already know how much fun this game can be. We can even play it with her animals. She giggles and squeals at the game! Her second game is empty the box. We put random toys (some store bought like rattles, some home made like cut straws in an empty water bottle) and she empties the box. She takes a while to empty it and pretty much ignores us the entire time. Its seems to amaze her that there is so much in such a little space.
7. Miss C kisses "little babies" or anything she associates as such. I mentioned this after we visited Poobou. its true! She does the same hug and kiss to her Pooh Bear and her pink elephant as she did with Cate. Very sweet. Only concern is her new playmate at Mrs J's is going to be a wee little one. Mrs J has been forewarned so I am sure she will protect the new little one like she did Miss C from the toddler who just left.
Well, that's about it. Miss c went back to Mrs J's on Tuesday since we are both back at work. She wasn't quite herself the first day but then again, neither was I. Turns out, we really kind of miss each other! (Yea, big shocker there!). But, as I understand it, today she had a great day. I am just really happy that Miss C is so comfortable there. If everything works out for us, I may not have to find another care provider when I have to stand those silly watches. I just have to get the schedule so Mrs J and I can see what we can work out. I would be so relieved to know that Miss C doesn't have to adjust to another big change just now.
Ok, so, hope everyone is doing great. Post a comment every now and then so I know you all are still out there, ok?


Cat said...

YAY First word! But we knew she'd be smart. It also sounds like she's VERY close to crawling.

LizardBreath said...

So close, its really frustrating her! She's back to herself at Mrs J's too (they are having fun while we toil away at the office!). I so look forward to the weekends so I can play with Miss C!