Friday, December 21, 2007

Quick update

Sorry its been a while since I last posted. We've been staying busy, putting up drapes, working weird hours, playing Santa. We're apparently the subject of much debate and the neighbors are vying for our attendance at their gatherings. We are the new young couple with the baby, you know. We're only able to go to one of the parties (its tomorrow night) but we'll let ya'll know how everything works out! We're also stopping by a friend's house tomorrow morning to visit the new parents and little one that we mentioned a couple of weeks ago. We would have gone sooner but we have all been sharing a cold so we decided to wait until we were all better.
I know everyone else is busy too so I thought I would toss out a photo of our little "elf" and wish everyone Happy Holidays. I will post more when there is more to post!


Cat said...

SO cute! I love the elf pictures. I also LOVE my ornament! E-baby looks at the picture of Miss C and says "baby!!"

LizardBreath said...

Yea! We had a lot of fun getting that together. Next year will be even more fun, by then Miss C will be even more able to help in the kitchen.