Monday, December 3, 2007

First watch, well kind of

Well, I went in for my first watch tonight, this afternoon really. It was so hard. I spent the entire morning and an hour or so of the afternoon with Miss C. She was babbling, rolling, playing, all sorts of good stuff. She seems to be going through another growth spurt so she napped a little more frequently than I expected, but eh, no worries.
I went to get her from her last nap and thought, hey, she hasn't seen me yet (I only peeked in the room briefly and saw her playing with her pacifier) why don't I go use the bathroom?
Well, apparently she did see me and she started to cry. I mean cry, really, with tears. My baby never (I mean never, really, ask) cries. My heart broke. I just had to go to the bathroom! I wasn't leaving! Ugh.
Talk about starting out on a crappy note.
So, we hung out really close and ate again before I took her to Mrs J's house. She spent 3 hours there before DH picked her up.
Apparently the rest of the day was a piece of cake for her. She ate lots and played and was out before 7.

As far as my watch went, we did a drill (kind of practice, like a simulation) and that ended early. Then I did normal watch stuff, nothing terribly exciting. I did a little more work then got told to go home, no need to stay, I was "ahead of the curve." Yea me!

I guess I should know not to worry about Miss C right now since she is with DH (for the most part, Mrs J otherwise, really) when I am at work.
Its just that tonight was the first night I wasn't here for her bath or to put her to bed. Wednesday morning I won't be here, I will still be at work and DH has to take Miss C to Mrs J's house (I will pick her up after lunch, once I get a few hours of sleep) so he will be taking care of her morning routine and that makes me sad too. Not that I don't think he'll do a great job, just that I am not here to see her beautiful smile as she welcomes every new day.
I know, maybe I am expecting too much. Miss C probably won't remember that there were a few days every month when Mama wasn't there when she woke up or wasn't there to put her to bed. I just wanted it to be later, ya know?

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