Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Sorry I didn't post this on Christmas Day, but we were a little busy.
Let's see, the party at the neighbor's house went well. Everyone had to come over and meet us, but we are sure it was because of Miss C. She was the center of attention and loved watching everyone. She was quiet for the first fifteen minutes then started to play with a cup in my lap. She was just fine so long as no one actually tried to talk to her directly. She even got a very sweet teddy bear from the host and hostess as she was deemed the guest of honor.
I think we will be seeing these folks, the neighbors that is, more frequently than we did in SoCal. It's nice to have nice neighbors that aren't able to look into your backyard from their upstairs!
Miss C had a great time but I expect that she will have even more fun once we get to her Great Grandmother's house this weekend. We think her favorite gift so far was her remote control. It was from our old cable set. DH scrubbed it and boy, I don't think she has let it go more than a couple of minutes at a time. She was exhausted last night and slept well as usual.
As a gift to us, Miss C is now scooting backwards! Talk about a great gift. As I understand it, this is a precursor to crawling. We told her she is a little young to be doing this but she simply stuck out her tongue and gave us a raspberry! She is also saying "da" a lot more now so DH got his own Christmas gift from Miss C. I know she will be saying "ma" in time so I guess I will wait.
I am putting in a couple of cute pictures (go figure!) and then we're off! I have to work today so there are still a few things to take care of. I will try to post again soon.
Until then, hope everyone is having a great time!


Anonymous said...

C-baby started doing the backwards-scoot somewhere around the 7-month mark. Crawling forward came about a month or so later. Better start making sure everything is child-proofed now, if you haven't already!

We're looking forward to seeing you guys in a few days!

LizardBreath said...

Thanks for the info. We're scurrying around as i type. Actually, DH has been working on some stuff but I am sure that there is plenty more to child proof, the office especially! I will email you before we leave here (Arizona) and confirm, k? Looking forward to seeing ya'll too!