Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful (in no order what so ever)...
- that our cat survived yet another move (her fifth in nine years) relatively intact (she's still a little pissy about it!),
- that our house in SoCal is still standing after the Harris fire,
- that while we may still have our house in SoCal on the market, we are not in over our heads fiscally,
- for our daughter, Miss C, she is the light of my life and brings us so much happiness daily its impossible to imagine life without her,
- for my husband who puts up with me even when I do go a little nutty,
- that although we have been without my father for a decade now, our memories still run strong and we are able to share them with Miss C and her cousins (including stories of Herman!),
- for our families, every joy and every sorrow, we share as a family,
- that Uncle W and Aunt L's little one (due in late June) is on track and doing great,
- that Aunt A and her three children, Miss C's cousins, are thriving and growing so fast,
- that Aunt C and Cousin M, while on the opposite coast are doing well in their own ways,
- that Uncle J calls the day before Thanksgiving even though we understand he might be busy!
- that Uncle D, even though we aren't able to converse right now, is still doing well in his chosen career,
- that Auntie J is willing to give up her vacation to come visit us and help us out,
- that Miss C's Grandma and Grandpa are doing well and will be visiting around the new year,
- for our friends, those willing to read and comment here as well as those who call up just to say hi, stop by for a visit or lend an ear when we have concerns.
- for Alphagal and her DOM who are willing to come visit us when DH is on the road so we don't feel too overwhelmed so early on,
- for Poobou and her family who open their doors to us when we travel so Miss C isn't stuck in a plane and a car for six hours straight
- that Mrs J happily shares her home and her positive outlook with Miss C when DH and I have to work,
- for our new jobs which have allowed us to spend this Thanksgiving together
- for my new job, while i may have to stand silly watches, I won't be called on during this tour of duty to go overseas, to fight the war on terror on that front line,
- for DH's new job that allows us some semblance of normalcy by scheduling his departures in advance, as much as they can,
- for our friends and family, who while they may no longer be with us in body, remain so in spirit

- for the freedom to write and post blogs about what I am thankful for.

What about you? What are you thankful for this year?

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