Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lookout! Here we come!

Well, Thanksgiving was lots of fun and Miss C and I have another couple of days before we both go back to our normal schedules. Her care provider, Mrs J, is home with her kids until Wednesday, so Miss C and I have been enjoying loads of time together. It turns out this is the week to be home. Since our leave started, Miss C has not only shown us that she can roll from her belly to her back, but also from her back to her belly! I swear I think the cat is traumatized. The first time we realized Miss C could roll both ways was when we jokingly told her to "go get the kitty" and, well, she did. It wasn't fast but the cat was sure the baby couldn't come close without our help. Boy was she wrong! My goodness the look on the cat's face when after a few minutes she glances over her shoulder at us to discover Miss C a mere foot away!

Aside from that major milestone, Miss C is getting more vocal. She tends to talk to the ceiling fans and the cat, but hey, she could be talking to us and just looking at the other stuff. Who knows! She's also got much better manual dexterity. Whenever she drops a toy, we can lean her over to pick it up herself. That too started out as us joking about it, leaning her down and voila, she picked it up. Crazy! Miss C is also great at balancing in a seated position. She can't put herself in that position but once she's there, she can play with toys and still stay in that position for a long while (20 minutes once!).

Well, hope you're having a great weekend and enjoying the football games as much as we are! Go Chargers!


Cat said...

That face says: KITTY!!!!

LizardBreath said...

It says something, that's for sure! I just love that picture!