Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving (A little early)

It's amazing how much a child can alter your perspective. This year I am more thankful than most, mainly because Miss C is doing great, very healthy and just about the happiest little one I have ever met. For the past month and some change, we have been adjusting to a new house, new jobs and all that. Miss C is doing a great job of adjusting to her new teacher (its better to think of Mrs J that way since she does educate Miss C) and a somewhat new schedule.
Oh! Miss C did make her very first Christmas ornament. It's the cutest snowman ever! She patted down home made play dough and helped "cut it out" with a cookie cutter. So very cool!
Due to a leave situation, I get to spend the next week and a half home with Miss C (Mrs J and family are going home for Turkey Day then taking a little vacation so...). I am really looking forward to spending time playing with my little one.
Ok. As far as the rest, still no drapes. The hardware has arrived but the drapes have not. We should see them sometime this week. Ugh! Enough already! I need drapes. This does show how far out in the boonies we really are since I haven't really griped about my lack of drapes that much!
Work is an interesting place. There are a lot of folks with a lot of different experience. We just went through a major system upgrade so a lot of what I have been learning about is now irrelevant. That frustrates me a little but I am sure I can learn the new system. I am still not 100% sure what I will be doing. I know I have to qualify as a watch officer and hopefully that can be done before DH has to go on his first road trip, but outside of that, I am not really sure. I have been talking to my boss and he has ideas that can apply basically everything I have done for the last 15 years, but I am afraid that would make wayyy too much sense so it probably won't happen.
One of the major concerns I have, after making sure I have child care set up for Miss C in the event that I am on shift work, is how I can take and do well in a class this spring. Miss C sleeps quite well, so I would have time, kind of. See, I have two classes left so I really do need to take one this spring and one this summer in order to graduate. Then I can take a little break before I start on the next degree. I guess i am just not sure of my time management skills once DH has to leave for his trips. Well, that's pretty much it. Consider yourselves caught up. If you're in town for Thanksgiving, drop on by. We fully expect to have wayyy too much food and will definitely be watching football. If not, know we are thankful for you all!

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