Thursday, October 25, 2007

BUMBO RECALL?!! Not as bad as it sounds.

I just saw this article on about the bumbo recall. Information from the safety commission can be found here. Apparently there have been a few reported injuries caused by kids in bumbos on counter tops, table tops, etc. Yea, I know. There is a warning on the side of ours, but apparently that is not enough. Wonder what the new sticker will say, if I send for it.


Cat said...

What's awful is that I did let e-baby sit in hers on the kitchen island (which is 4'x8', so not exactly small). But I NEVER walked away from her because it is pretty easy for a baby to flop themselves out of the bumbo once they're strong enough. I loved that Bumbo. It was the Bombo!

LizardBreath said...

I think the unattended part of that is what you should pay attention to. I know you may have used the seat for a little more than its made for, but someone (you or SNG) were always looking at her.