Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Possible bummer

Well, it turns out other people are asking about the same property we are. The builder already raised the price. We made a bid and are waiting to see, but we have decided that if we feel like these folks are trying to mess with us that we will say "see ya!" and go back up in August to look at houses.
Other than that, we are into the last tri-mester and my sleeping is shot. What's worse is that when I don't sleep, DH doesn't sleep (poor guy). I am going to try a couple of new things, so any suggestions, go ahead.
Little Miss C is kicking away. We took our gestational diabetes test today, are awaiting results. Not worrying though. Either way, she is still active as all get out and we're just excited about getting closer to meeting her!


Cat said...

Oh, rats- I hope it works out. Keep me posted!

LizardBreath said...

Made the offer now we wait. Either way we are moving there in the fall, its just a matter of to which house. Keeping our fingers crossed that the builder accepts our bid!

Monica said...

You'll get the house you're supposed to have, God works that way. And as for the sleep thing, you can look forward to trying to catch up on that in about 6 months!