Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another beautiful day

Not to brag, but the weather here in SoCal can't be beat. It was foggy (yep, really!) at 8 this morning but that eventually gave way to a beautiful day in the mid-80s. Got a call from W, oldest younger brother, he and L got married today! Hurrah for them! Am very pleased to say they are just giddy.
Another good note for today is Alpha gal and SNG are celebrating, hmm, 12 years? I am pretty sure its 12! Congrats to them too!
We got word back from the bank that our loan is pre-approved so now we are actively engaged in getting our property. Still waiting on the spec sheet so we know for sure what we are actually bidding on as well as some information from the flooring lady who took our information about hardwood floors and all the upgrades we are looking for so we know what we can reasonably expect to pay.
Spent the day putting up some stuff that we won't need until after the move. Have to do it now before I get ginormous! Anyway, that's it for now. Will try to finally post some pix tomorrow!

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