Thursday, March 29, 2007

Maternity Clothing

Ok. I have to ask. Have any of you ever heard this "Aw, you're in your Mommy clothes today" by a subordinate at work? Ok, maybe its just me, but just because I am carrying a child doesn't mean I am your Mommy and it certainly doesn't mean I no longer deserve the respect I have worked so hard for. For those not in the military, would you feel any differently if you were told this? I mean, come on! I have managed to avoid anyone touching me, for the most part, but I get scared when I wear maternity wear that I have some big sign on my belly that says "Go ahead, put your paws on me. Why no, I don't mind." If/When it does happen, I may have to call the ambulance to surgically remove whomever's hand touched me from their rear. Am I the only one who feels/felt this way?
In other news, we're still negotiating on the property we discussed. Will let you know how it all works out but we are keeping our fingers crossed!


Cat said...

My opinions about people's size comments and the touching basically shifted during my pregnancy. First, I said I'd kill anyone who placed a hand on the Belly. But later, I realized that they're not trying to touch YOU. They're wanting to connect with the baby. For me, it got to be less awkward eventually, except when men did it. I never quite got OK with that, and had to tell a few people "No, you may not touch the belly." Old ladies (and close girl friends) ALWAYS touch the belly-- I let them because it clearly makes them happy.

As far as subordinates (mine are called "Students") I'd make them drop and give me 20 every time they called them "mommy clothes." After a few times, they'll learn what's Not OK.

LizardBreath said...

Funny gal! I had to tell one of my Sailors that I wasn't in my "Mommy clothes" but that I was in my "Lieutenant clothes". It has just been frustrating because people, especially junior women, seem to think that my being pregnant is their ok to talk to me about it and be very casual. I guess I get frustrated with the lack of bearing I see and the expectation that I have some obligation to talk to them simply because I chose to wear a uniform that is for all intents and purposes a tent. Ugh!

Monica said...

When I was pregnant the guys at work just teased me about tucking in my shirt. I told them that I finally decided to be like an AW and wear pajamas to work every day! But no, I definitely gave off the "this is my body not yours" aura and didn't have a problem with people wanting to touch me.

LizardBreath said...

The preggers uniform is a virtual tent and it makes me cringe because I have been tucking in my shirt for work for over a decade! I figured if I just give them "the look" when any comment is made about the uniform, they will shut up. It worked so far!

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