Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can I get an "OH YEA!"??

Let's hear it for independent mamas who aren't afraid to make things happen and fix problems.
You will seldom find me praising myself but I am really so darn proud of myself today.
If you have been following my posts or at least the weather in the pacific northwest, you know it has been gawd awful hot up here lately. I posted about having to come up with a solution. I tried ice in bowls in front of fans, somewhat successful, but yesterday, the temperature was over 90 IN THE HOUSE when we got home. I took action before I even left work yesterday.
I ordered two portable air conditioners (not window units, they have a hose that connects to a contraption that fits in the window but nothing else is really required) around noon yesterday (I looked here and there were none). I got them here and the price was great with no shipping costs. I got an email this morning saying the smaller of the two had shipped. When we got home, I kid you not, that one was sitting on my front porch!
As soon as we finished dinner, Miss C and I took out our tools and put that puppy in her room. Ok, so maybe she only carried a couple of small parts but believe me, she was an integral part in the installation. I convinced her that the a/c was a very good thing (she thanked me for it! Such a sweet little girl!) and now all I want to do is sit in her room. I have the machine set to 70 so it will have to run for a bit before it get that cool (the house was 84 when we got home) but it is already a life saver. Miss C sat with me to read (something she refused to do for a while since it was too hot) and she is already asleep (the past week it has taken her a long time to fall asleep).
I am so happy! I am posting my recommendation for anyone looking for one of these units to go to this company (Compact Appliance, oh by the way) because I never imagined a less than 24 hour turnaround. Its like they really knew we needed it!


cindy w said...

Hooray for portable A/C's! I know that's gotta be a life saver. So how long until the other one arrives? And are you sleeping on the floor in Miss C's room until it does?

You go, mama! So proud of you for figuring it out.

LizardBreath said...

I got the delivery notification yesterday so if this company holds true to form, we will be installing mine when we get home today.
And, yea, she slept really well last night! :)

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