Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Talking in full sentences

When did my little babbling baby suddenly turn into a little girl who could express her thoughts in full (or close enough to it) sentences? In my sleep apparently!

Just last week we noticed a significant shift in Miss C's speech, sentences! Her first real sentence was "I got it!" After that she added "Right here!" in response to "where is (whatever)". Then she began to say "here you go" and added "angel" at the end of it because apparently I say that to her. Now she is more than just directive (you remember, "sit down", "wait", "come here" and all of those fun directions) she is up front about what she wants "mama, more milk (insert word of choice, such as color, play, water, etc) please" and where she wants to go "[Miss C] go outside, play" followed quickly by "please" in case I missed the earnestness in her voice. Its incredible how much our little sponge has retained. While coloring ("mama, color [Miss C]"), I started writing and spelling her name. Now when she wants me to write her name, Miss C spells it for me! I know! Its scary!

Beyond that, Miss C has a boyfriend. Ok, quick story. Over Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa (two more words she uses regularly!), Miss C received an Elmo Live. For the entire time we were visiting, Miss C wouldn't come any closer than my arm could reach to Elmo (I say it that way because if she wanted to hear him talk, she would use my hand to make that happen!). Ok, so we couldn't bring him back with us because we only had so much bag space. Instead, Grandma put it in the mail. Two weeks separated apparently made a difference because almost as soon as we got him out of his bed (the box he was mailed in), Miss C gave him hugs and kisses. He is her little boyfriend now! I have some pictures but seem to have misplaced my transfer cord so those will have to be posted once i find it!

Ok, that's enough of an update for now. Hope everyone is doing well!


poobou said...

Yeah, the leap from a few key words to full sentences is kind of alarming when it first happens. That's great that she says "please," though! So far, we don't get any please's, but she does say "thank you" ("dank oooh") when we do what she wants. So her manners are 50% there. :-)

That's so sweet that she loves her Elmo. My brother gave C-baby a big Elmo puppet for her birthday, and it scares the holy heck out of her. Seriously, we had to hide it because she just couldn't stand it.

LizardBreath said...

Miss C was terrified of her Elmo the entire time we were there but for some reason, he grew on her while on his journey home.
Funny you mention "dank oooh." We get the same (with sign, in case we are slow) and if we are slow to respond appropriately, she repeats herself to us! Too funny! I love the introductions you get, they are so cool!