Friday, January 23, 2009

I know, I know!

Ok, I know its been a while since I last posted. The only excuse I have is that we have been BUSY!

Once we got back from vacation, we went back to work full bore. I changed jobs (I am still at the same place). I went from having a couple of people working for me to running the entire watch organization. I have five divisions of folks working for me along with the responsibility for the daily operations at our command. That being said, its not a job to take lightly or one that you can just slip into. For the past week or so, since i took the job, I have been trying to first take care of the administrative stuff (re-issuing directives in mine name, establishing policy etc) then to get with each of my divisions to figure out how to improve our product. Additionally, I have been working with a couple of other folks on the same level to revamp the overall organization. There are job qualifications to approve, personnel to qualify, etc. With all that, once I get out of work, its family time.

All of you with kids (heck, those with significant others get this too, right?) understand that you have to shift modes when you get home to family time. Miss C is developing so fast and every day its something different. This week has been all about singing, dancing and lots of books and coloring. Its go, go, go from the minute I leave work to pick her up until the minute she goes to bed. After that is chore time (thank goodness DH helps out with lots of that, it just gets a little nutty when he is gone) then I get a little break.

The new job is going well and I am finally feeling like I am having an impact here. About time, considering that i have been here for over a year.

Well, that's it. That's why I've been so quiet lately.

In other news, we are planning a trip in early Spring, or thereabouts, so Miss C can meet some of my side of the family. Ok, she met Uncle W and Aunt L once when she was very little but she hasn't met Aunt A or her kids so we are going to take a long weekend and go out to visit. We have a few other folks we absolutely have to see when we are there, so we are trying to come up with a plan of action. Has anyone else taken a long weekend to visit family? How do you visit all of the folks without overwhelming the little ones?

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Cat said...

Congratulations on the new job responsibilities! It sounds like you have your hands more than full.

As far as whirlwind family trips, I've had a lot of success by just making sure to keep the general schedule as much as possible: nap, food, bath at the usual times (local time zone, though). Everything else should be fine. Miss c will just love being with family, even if she hasn't met them. Somehow I think these kids "know" their people. Good luck!