Thursday, February 12, 2009

Miss C turned 20 months old and all she got was a fever

20 months, already?

Yep and for our 20 month day we got, a fever. Lovely. 103. No fun. Funny thing, Miss C was mainly her normal, cheerful, playful self. She snuggled a little more but who would think that would be the only sign (other than, later on, the fever itself). She's doing fine, taking Motrin and sleeping pretty soundly. I just got back from about 15 minutes of snuggling. Miss C woke up and just wanted to snuggle. Poor kiddo.
Well, I started this posting on Monday but didn't get far with it until tonight. Our week has been rough. Miss C has been very healthy so her getting and keeping a fever for more than a day was unexpected and we suffered, that's for sure.

It took 4 days and 3 nights of constant cuddling, sipping on juice and water, sleeping on the couch and sometimes the floor (all of us) and two visits to the doctor but I think we are beyond the worst. Miss C's fever finally broke for more than an hour this afternoon. She still isn't back to her chipper old self, but that will take time. One of the negative aspects of this situation is that we allowed Miss C to sleep outside of her bed. While some folks have done that all along, Miss C hasn't slept in anything but her bed or the cot at school, ever. I mean, she always went upstairs for her naps, always slept in her bed (even her own pack and play when we travel) so this was different. Unfortunately, she liked the different, especially when it means downstairs where we are when she needs sleep.
Well, we had to get her to sleep in her bed tonight. I mean, she wasn't running a fever anymore but she (we all) sorely needs the sleep and we know that she will sleep well in her bed, if we can get her to even lay down in it. That took a lot of doing, a lot of crying and a serious amount of will power. Miss C has discovered that crying gets attention. We are talking to her about not crying just to make noise, especially when she knows the words. I think that will be an on-going battle, but I digress. Tonight after dinner and bath, normal routine, we tried the bed again (last night we caved because she still had a mid-grade fever). Ok, so first I tried, I talked, I asked, I did everything short of close the door behind myself. DH then tried. He even offered to move a different mattress in the room. I tried again. This time I told her she wasn't getting off the bed and I sat at the opening of it. She stood and stared at me like i was the meanest mama ever. We had a stare-off. After about 10 minutes, DH came back in and we told her good night, we love you.

About an hour later (we were terrified to even open the door), DH poked his head in to see if Miss C indeed fell asleep standing up. Ah, success! She was laying down asleep in her bed, for now. Hopefully we won't have to go through this again tomorrow!


Cat said...

Poor Miss C- but I'm glad she is on the mend now.

I hope you got her to sleep easier the next night.

LizardBreath said...

It only took about 36 hours of bed and nap time to convince her that we were going to win so now there is no problem sleeping in her bed (thank goodness!). Only other issue that remained was the #2issue (she didn't at all when she was sick). So... two days of tough times and hopefully she is back to, uh, regular now... We hope!