Wednesday, March 19, 2008


OK, so in my last posting, we had comments talking about transitioning Miss C from only breast milk to formula. As i mentioned, I have to pump 4 times a day to meet her demand. We have been using formula in her cereal since we started because my output was not sufficient to meet that need as well as that of the bottles.
Well, I started today since its a day off for me. I am off today because I am working weird shift work. When Miss C got up, i nursed her like normal. No problem, same as always. That was a 6am. Around 8am, after breakfast, Miss C let me know she was hungry (she signs milk for me too). I went in the kitchen and made her a formula (100%, taking a chance, but who knows) bottle and brought it into the living room. I put Miss C in my lap and she immediately reached out for the bottle, put it in her mouth and ate. She apparently prefers to hold her own bottle rather than have someone do it for her, that's my big girl!
Well, despite my trepidation and everyone else's concerns over her willingness to take a bottle and even formula from me, Miss C did great. She had no problems and ate that bottle like she was starving. I don't think this transition will be near the trouble I feared it would be.
Now I just have to come up with a plan for the rest of the transition. I think I will alternate nursing/breast milk and formula/bottles (for me, anyway).
In other news, Miss C is taking steps with her push toy here at home and at Mrs J's. I keep telling her she can slow down, no need to try and walk yet, but she is discovering how big the world is and wants to explore it. When she wants to get to something fast, though, she crawls. When I went to pick her up from Mrs J's yesterday, Mrs J was helping her walk to me. Miss C seemed to get a little mad though, since she knew she was much faster crawling so she basically let that be known and speed crawled to me.
She is also adjusting her crawling on the wooden floors in our downstairs to more of a "thump swish" that E-baby displayed when crawling on anything but carpet. Its so cute! What a smart girl.
My question for ya'll today is... did your kids go through a 9 month growth spurt? Miss C's appetite has grown by leaps and bounds over the past week. She plays hard, eats a ton and sleeps like a log.


poobou said...

I don't remember a 9-month growth spurt, but I do remember that as soon as c-baby started crawling for real, her appetite shot up because she was burning off so many calories. So it could just be as simple as that.

That's awesome that the transition from breast to bottle has been so easy. And so funny that she wants to hold the bottle herself. C-baby holds her sippy cup by herself, but she flat-out refuses to hold the bottle. I guess that's sort of our little snuggle time, so she wants me to do it for her. Which is fine for now, and she'll be weaned off the bottle soon enough anyway.

LizardBreath said...

Good point about the crawling. Miss C is a speed demon and has been pulling herself up everywhere so she is bound to burn tons of calories. Today was such a busy day (we went to the grocery store as an adventure) that she took an hour long nap this morning then took an hour and a half long pne after we had lunch following our adventure! Tired little girl!

Rebecca :-) said...

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Cat said...

I haven't tracked the growth spurts very well, but with crawling, with walking, and with talking came BIG appetite. I think that physical and cognitive efforts require a lot of calories to support. Just feed her as much as she wants, and don't force it when she doesn't want it, and she'll be the right size for her. I'm glad the transition has been easy! E-baby's was easy too, and weaning altogether wasn't a big deal either. I think the fact that they get bottles at daycare makes a big difference compared to a baby who always has the boob and rarely gets a bottle.