Sunday, March 23, 2008

Did I just get yelled at?

Miss C has been signing a lot more lately, at least trying to. Compound that with the transition to formula and my work schedule, boy you have some interesting conversations! This afternoon, after I had a nap following my mid-watch (basically 11pm to 7am, sound familiar Alphagal?!), I sat on the couch with Miss C. She was sitting on my lap and started pulling at my shirt collar. I smiled down at her and said as well as signed "are you hungry? Do you want some milk?" Her response was priceless, she signed milk, hard and fast with not one hand but two! So, my question is, does that constitute being yelled at? :)))


poobou said...

Heh. It's like she was saying, "Duh, Mom, of COURSE I want milk!"

Enjoy getting yelled at only in sign. I'm getting yelled at a lot for real these days, usually when I have to set c-baby down to do something. She's been super-clingy lately, I'm not sure if it's normal toddler transition stuff or if she's freaked out by all of the boxes that are starting to accumulate in the house.

Cat said...

That's SUPER funny! Miss C said MILK. MOM. NOW. I MEAN NOW.

Yup, that girl is The Boss.