Saturday, March 1, 2008

Just a minute

Hey all,
I have just a couple of minutes to post. Miss C is doing great. DH got home a couple of days ago to hear Miss C perform her latest "trick." She is in the "dada da" stage where her conversations are primarily using the syllable "da" with changes in inflection that reflect how we speak. DH, like other dads of course, thinks she is simply in love with his name! Too funny!
Miss C is crawling like a fiend. She is so fast its crazy. We've found that there are both pluses and minuses to this. One plus is that she no longer freaks if you leave the room, she can follow. One minus, however, is that if you do leave the room, she might be in a completely different room when you get back. You always have to look down before you move because she might be just behind you. In any case, its so exciting!
I just got her down for her second nap today. This morning, after 12 hours of sleep, two nursing's and breakfast, she took an hour plus nap. She got up, played, nursed a couple of times, had her mid-morning snack as well as some lunch then went back down for another nap. I think that she might be going through another growth spurt. I know for sure that she has that third tooth on the bottom breaking through (ouch!) so she is sleeping a lot!
Well, that's about all I have time for. Miss C is waking up so I have to get. Be sure to check out the updated photos on the flickr and the new videos on our you tube page (the links are to the right). I will try to update again soon!


Tony said...

E loves dogs. Until the last few weeks, she called them "a dog." Now, for whatever reason, she's moved on to "doggie," only it sounds more like, "daddy."

Needless to say, my ego is feeling good. She says my name all the time!

poobou said...

Wait until you start getting "daddy" instead of just "dada". C-baby uses the 2 terms interchangably, but still. You can practically watch Dave melt when she calls him Daddy.

How many naps is Miss C taking? We're down to just one, and sometimes a little 20 or 30 minute catnap if the main nap happens too early in the day. It's good because she sleeps longer at night, but I sometimes miss the days when she'd sack out after only being awake for 2-3 hours. I miss being able to get stuff done. :-)

LizardBreath said...

Miss C has never taken long naps, mainly 30 minutes at a pop. Lately, however, she seems to have consolidated her two am naps into a single, 1 hour am nap. You got me! I was unprepared for that one! She has been taking one pm nap for a while, that one is still only about 30 minutes.
I have been off work for a couple of days (I'm on that funky shift schedule) and Miss C is loving not having to get up at 6! She slept in past 730am yesterday and she still goes to bed absolutely before 730pm. I swear, I never saw her this tired. It must be the speed crawling. Did ya'll notice either e-baby or c-baby sleeping harder once they started crawling?

poobou said...

I did notice her wearing herself out more once she got mobile, but c-baby has never slept 12 hours a night (maybe once or twice in her entire life), so I think you've just been blessed. :-)