Thursday, August 21, 2008

We're still here, we swear :)

Ok, so I know its been a while since I posted. Been super busy with life and all that!

Miss C is doing great. We have been awed by her vocabulary changes of late. Today she told me "pooh bear!" Isn't that the cutest! he is her buddy and we say his name often enough but I think its so much fun to hear her work it out.

We went to the local county fair last weekend. Miss C got to see a steer up close and personal.

A few of them, to be precise. She was telling us that a cow says "moo" when the steer closest to her stood up and mooed at her! She had this look of shock and amazement on her face! It was too cute! That night, during dinner, DH told her to be careful and chew good because she had a "big piece of chicken" in her mouth. Apparently she got the idea of "big" because she signed it then said "bak, bak, baaakkk" (her cute little chicken sound). Later when we asked her about the fair she signed "big" then mooed. I guess it stuck!

Ok, other than the gushy stuff, I finished my last class! Yea! The commencement doesn't take place until the Spring (stupid consolidated graduations!) but I hope to see the diploma soon so I can send it off for work. I am not sure what exactly to do now though. DH has been after me for years to "relax" but if you know me, you know that is easier said than done. Until I figure it out, I am spending every minute I can with DH and MIss C, playing, cooking, reading, all of that fun stuff.

Well, hope you all are having a great week! Let us know what you have been up to, ok?

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