Saturday, August 9, 2008

Miss C is Fourteen Months old today!

Super quick update!
Ok, no height and weight stuff, that will have to wait until next month. One thing, though, she is wearing size 4 shoes! I barely got her in size 3's when we realized they were too small. Ugh!
Here we go:
1. Miss C's walking is solid. She runs most of the time, actually. she really cemented her walking when her grandparents were here. She and her grandma walked around outside all the time, just walking here and there, uphill and downhill. All of that helped her figure out her balance etc, so she definitely good on her feet.
2. Miss C figured out how to walk down stairs. She still holds on to our hands but she kind of slides her bum and her feet on the way down. We have a lower banister that DH is going to install which will help her walk up and down but we still will have our gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.
3. Miss C is doing great in her new class. Although the teachers haven't quite figured her out (she talks and signs and they are still a little unsure of what she is saying even though she is signing correctly and I gave them a Miss C to English dictionary!). Oh well. She is also doing fine with the mid-day nap although she does prefer to take two naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, over the single nap mid day. I am sure she will continue to adjust and her teachers will learn to understand her words. She is also now able to associate words with more than one context. For example, she always uses "more, please" when she wants more to eat or drink (yea, the please tickles me to death!) but now she is using it when she wants you to do something again, like pick more flowers or walk around more. Very cool!
4. Speaking of words, Miss C's vocabulary is growing exponentially! I am sure you all mentioned this would happen but wow! She even picks up on signs that aren't intentional. For example, we have a stuffed penguin from Sea World and Miss C loves it! I started to bonk her nose with the penguin's beak so now when she "says" penguin, she bonks her nose with her index finger! What a funny kid!
5. Another word issue is colors. It seems that Miss C might actually know some of her colors. We ask her for a "blue ball" or a "green duck" and she will find the appropriate one. She even said "blue" when handing us the blue ball! Too cool!
6. Miss C continues her love of song and dance. She finds music wherever she is, even on her little riding toys, and stands up and says "dance, dance, dance" (she signs it with her index finger and her thumb instead of her index finger and her middle finger but, eh, close enough for now, right?) and "dance" kind of sounds like "that" but you definitely know what she is saying (especially when she sways from side to side and cocks her head!).
7. Miss C has developed an interesting sense of humor. She likes to act like she is going to walk to me or kiss me then go to DH or kiss him instead! It cracks her up every time!

Well, that's about it for this update. I am trying to get this posted before Miss C awakens from her afternoon nap. Hope you all are doing well. If you have any insight into what to expect next, let us know! :)

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Cat said...

What to expect next? BIG THINGS! :-)

Seriously, every kid picks up different things at different times, so it's always fun to hear about what yours is doing.