Saturday, February 16, 2008

From slow to GO!

Miss C has been going through some serious changes these past few months, none so radical as those we witness this past week.

As I mentioned when she turned 8 months old, Miss C started to crawl. That start was, as expected, slow going. She would go forward a couple of moves then stop and play, whatever. This morning, after we hung out in DH's recliner for a little while, Miss C wanted to go play. She has a Fisher Price kitchen in our family room that she likes to play with.

Today, instead of putting her next to it, I put her down at my feet and said "go ahead, baby, go play." To my shock and amazement, she went. She apparently figuerd out drive and an even faster gear!

In addition to her mobility, Miss C has two seriously sharp teeth. If you zoom in on this picture, they are quite clear!
We have been working on finger foods (carrots, peas, gerber baby finger foods) and have discovered a love of Cheerios. Anyone who has a little one knows that this cereal is apparently a favortire among babues. Miss C likes to have them after I feed her breakfast. We don't do fingerfoods well enough yet to make a whole meal out of them so we have them after our cereal and some veggies or fruit so we are getting enough to eat.

That's pretty much it for now. Just wanted to catch ya'll up! I will try to post another video when we get a break around here.
Until then, as always, drop a line and say ya'll are still out there!


Cat said...

Slow to GO! It'll never be slow again. But now you don't have to carry her everywhere she wants to go, which means you might actually be able to carry your coffee AND your book AT THE SAME TIME! You know, without having to do that scary balancing tower-of-coffee-book-and-toy-and-baby act. Oooooh. :-D

LizardBreath said...

You can carry books? Miss C always carries those for me, generally in her mouth, but she helps me get them there!
She followed DH into the kitchen to put up her bottles when they got home from school yesterday. It was the first time he felt comfortable about putting her down in the living room and POOF! She appears! ;)