Friday, February 5, 2010


Hey all!
Its been nearly a month since I last posted. I blame, well, life. :)
You all know how busy being a parent coupled with having a full time job can be. You do your best to make sure everything is taken care of but every now then something, in my case this blog, gets left behind.
So, a quick recap. Miss C has been getting hive like rashes about once a week for the past couple of months. Before you start to worry, there is no associated breathing issues and the rash goes away within 30-45 minutes of its discovery. After a lot of investigation on our part and a quick trip today to the doctor, I have come away with a couple of points:
1. If this happens to you, keep a food and activity log for your child
2. Unless there is associated breathing issues, don't freak
3. Look through your family history to determine if there is a history of allergies
4. Find a great doctor
5. Don't let this overwhelm you
Ok. so we found a great doc who thinks that we should keep some benedryl on hand in case you do get an adverse reaction, keep up with the logs and not to stress it out. She doesn't think we need to do allergy testing because the reactions aren't severe and there is no family history of allergies.
After all that, Miss C had to get one of her HIB shots (some issue here a couple of years ago prevented most kids her age from getting these on time) but we celebrated her bravery (not a peep during the shot!) with a Mama/Daughter lunch! What a big girl! She even ordered for herself!
So, in all a very successful trip! Quick stats update: 38 inches tall and 35 pounds! My little girl is going to be a very tall girl indeed!
Hope everyone is having a great day and has a great weekend!

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