Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I hate teething

I hate teething.
I do.
No, I'm not teething, silly, Miss C is. Well, Miss C is definitely an overachiever when it comes to teeth. She has a ton of teeth, 16 at last count, but we haven't seen a new one in over 8 months. Now Miss C is getting at least 2 of her 2 year molars (the other two appear to be close to breaking through as well). With one molar, we might get through with just a little pain. With at least two, well, with two comes a fever and lots of mouth pain, poor munchkin.
Miss C started running a fever after school yesterday. I gave her meds before dinner and she was fever free by morning, no issues. Happy as a clam. DH got a call just before lunch that Miss C was running a fever of 102. He got there right away and she was fine, except for the fever.
DH got Miss C home and she said no to lunch (an obvious indicator that she must not be 100% because she eats like me, every couple of hours!) and took a nap. DH gave her some meds and her fever does seem to be responding but meds only work for so long. Hopefully once the molars break through the fever and associated fussiness will go away, but for now, ugh.
I thankfully was able to get my back up support over here for tomorrow but I know that DH and I are probably going to compete for who gets to get home sooner to take care of Miss C. It will help but it won't take away that parent guilt that comes with not being there when you think you are the only person that can make things better. Ugh.
We're trying everything we can think of: ice, cold wash cloths, cold food, chewy cold teething rings, etc.
Have I mentioned that I hate teething? Does anyone have any advice???


Anonymous said...

try a little Ambesol on the gums--numbs it for a bit. Only drawback is it tastes like crap


LizardBreath said...

Tried that but as you pointed out, only lasts a little while. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

ha lil jack daniels might do the trick. lol just kidding

Cat said...

102 seems high for teething. Did you take her to the doctor? She might also be working a summer bug. But yeah, I hate teething too. I hope she feels better soon!

LizardBreath said...

Her temp, once we got her home that day, was already dropping and by bedtime was normal so I think she was fighting off something. We talked to her pediatrician and he said that since kids put their hands in their mouths a lot more when they are teething, they introduce more bacteria and that might have caused the fever. She is fine now that two of the four have completely broken through, thank goodness!