Monday, June 8, 2009

Miss C is 2!

We have our 2nd year check up in the morning so I decided to put this post together now. Based on the doctor's measurements (Miss C stood on the scale and against the wall for them!), she is now 36 inches tall and 30.1 lbs. If the 2 year old formula holds true, Miss C will be 6' plus or minus an inch. Holy moly!

Here's my first attempt at a photo video. I know its a little long (just under 4 minutes) but its Miss C's current favorite song. Hope you enjoy.


poobou said...

That was so sweet! Love the video (forgot that pic of C-baby petting Miss C on the head - so funny!), and the song is perfect too.

Happy birthday, Miss C! (Sorry I'm a couple of days late.)

Anonymous said...

gee in wonder where she gets the height from? hmmmm could it be from her mom's side with the talking tree as a brother or her dad's? hmmmmmm