Friday, March 6, 2009

Fifth what?

We were supposed to be on a plane right now. We were supposed to be visiting family today. But, we're not. Why, do you ask? Well...

Yesterday I got a call from the day care letting me know that Miss C has developed a rash on her tummy and back and that I should have her seen.

Ok.. A rash. I started to think about what could be causing it. I know she is a little congested (that was a concern to begin with about our trip but we thought she would be ok). Did I use a new detergent? No. Did she eat something new? Well, she tried a cashew the day before but if there was going to be a reaction, we expected it sooner. Ok, time to tell the guys at the office that I need to get Miss C to the doctor.

Called the doctor. No appointments available. Time to try Urgent Care. Get to Day care, Miss C is painting. Happily. Painting. What? Why again did they call? She was fussy then they found the rash. Hmm...

Urgent care. May as well call it, roll the dice for a doctor care. Luckily we got the one good doctor for kids. A couple of tests and a full check later, we are told "Miss C probably has fifth disease . You should keep her out of school until Monday and away from pregnant ladies." Huh? She's fine. She has some sniffles, what?

Turns out, this fifth disease isn't a huge deal for kids. If you clicked on the link, you will see that lots of kids get it and their parents don't even notice it because its a virus. The rash, minor. Based on what we read, Miss C shouldn't even be contageous anymore since she has the rash but do you take the chance? Do you risk the other folks on the plane and the little one you planned to visit? No, you don't.

So, we're on a "stay cation" until Miss C goes back to school. Had to call everyone and let them know we can't make it. Had to call the airlines and figure out what to do with my non-refundable tickets. Luckily the customer care people understand and with my doctor's note (the one for school that says he considers Miss C contageous and that she shouldn't return until Monday) and won't charge me a change fee on the tickets. Had to call the rental car and the hotels to cancel reservations.

No fun. Miss C isn't acting sick, just a little congested but when it comes to risking not only ours but other people's health, can't take the chance. Maybe we can get away in May? I hope so!


Cat said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I know you were really looking forward to going on that trip. Everyone who did not get sick because you cancelled, though, thanks you. Even though they don't know it. You did the right thing.

LizardBreath said...

Miss C is quite congested so I am now sure we did the right thing. I would hate to fly if I was congested and asking the same of a toddler is asking for trouble. We're trying to reschedule for May, fingers crossed and all that.

poobou said...

I'm pretty sure my brother & I both had fifth disease at some point when we were kids. Sorry your trip was cancelled, hope it works out for May.