Sunday, December 21, 2008

She may hate me for this if she ever sees it but...

No, no silly pictures just a huge step in development.

About a month ago, one of Miss C's teachers suggested we get her a potty chair because she hates a wet butt. Well, I followed her recommendation and bought one. Since then, Miss C has used it to sit with us in the living room and to play with her animals on. On occasion, she would bring it with her to the bathroom with me. Lately she has even been taking her pants down but today she told Daddy she had to go potty. Figuring it was more playtime, I let them be. A few minutes later, DH called me in to "help."

Yep, Miss C went #1 in her potty! She earned a sticker for it and was so proud of herself she told me that she had pottied more than once. Aww, my little girl is growing up so fast! I mean, geez, she is maybe 18 and 1/2 months old for crying out loud.



Cat said...

Cool. Have fun with the new pottie!

LizardBreath said...

Thanks! We're taking it slowly and letting Miss C lead the way with this since she is still so little. She really seems to hate having a wet bum so that really was the impetus for the potty. We figure it will take a while but hey, if she is interested, right?