Thursday, September 4, 2008

She is how tall????

So we had an early check up this month. You all know that there is a normal 15 month check up and that actual date doesn't happen for a few more days. Due to the schedule at the Dr's office, we got Miss C in to see the doctor today.

Whenever we have a Dr's visit, we try to make it a fun day. We usually go to breakfast (or lunch, time dependent of course) after the appointment so Miss C doesn't associate these trips with just getting poked an prodded.

Ok, so here's what you all have been waiting for:

Height: 33 inches (yep, still >97%)

Weight: 26 lb 4 oz (yep, still 90-95%)

I don't actually keep track of head circumference since she has consistently been around 50% and the only use that number has for me is buying hats she will refuse to wear (;))! Besides, I am not exactly sure how accurate this reading was today because she is apparently very anti-head measuring. She started to flip out when the nurse went to measure her and even disliked it when I gave it a shot. Not sure what that's about. Has anyone else had that happen? I mean, have your kid just take a severe dislike to something like that?

Other than this, Miss C is just a wonderful little girl. She is really enjoying her new class and while she is the youngest, she teaches as much as she learns. We have discovered a new"game" as a result of her new class. Apparently some of the kids get their backs patted when they go down for a nap (thankfully, Miss C puts herself to sleep so we haven't had to adjust to the change in school) so when she plays with her dolls and animals, she lays them on the floor, covers them with a blanket and pats their backs. What cracks me up is that Miss C can do this for an hour, I swear! She goes back and forth between "dolly" and whatever animal she has on hand at the time (lately that has been either her frog or her sheep) and pats their backs or readjusts them. I will have to try to catch all of this on video one of these days so you all can see what we are talking about.

Otherwise, we're doing just fine. I finished my last class and found out I made the promotion list (I won't actually put it on or see the $ until next August but those are the breaks of finding out early) so I am really trying to relax a bit. I have a stack of books I would like to read sometime but as you all know, that is only possible when Miss C is asleep. On the plus side, she is reading more of her books to me so I am getting an interesting education in the world of board and lift-a-flap books!

So, how have you all been doing? Anything new on your end?


Anonymous said...

Wow, she's about the same height/weight as my Catie! The main difference is head circumference - we're still off the charts over here. :-)

C-baby also hates having her head measured. And the height/weight stuff too. I think it's because they start to get older and realize that someone (in this case, a nurse who she doesn't really know) is invading her personal space, and she's letting you know that she doesn't like it.

Or maybe it's as simple as the fact that she just doesn't like the sensation of things touching her head. You mentioned that she doesn't like hats, so I suppose that's possible too.

LizardBreath said...

Crazy, isn't it? She is just a ball of muscle and energy! I am not sure about the head measuring still. I did notice that she doesn't like it when we rinse her hair but she will lay down in the tub (I keep it to just above her bum so its not too deep) and let me rinse it that way. I dunno.